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SPACE TO FEEL GOOD and BLOOM. For more ENERGY, VITALITY & light-heartedness in life.
SPACE to activate your INNER WISDOM, to cultivate INNER PEACE and conscious perception.
For a life with more and more magical, inspiring moments that leave a trail of light in your life and in the world.

Support on your journey as a sensitive, intensely perceptive, conscious & attentive, empathic person going through life with a big heart for animals and nature. For all the paths you want to take, for all the things you want to see, create, experience and achieve.

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Daniela Lasinger

Author – Dipl. Energetic practitioner – Shamanic, medial healing work – Dipl. Dance and movement teacher

Animal lover – nature lover – book lover
Fascination for the magical, the mystical, the connection with the intuitive side, the higher wisdom

Not fitting into pigeonholes – vision – recognizing connections & thinking outside of bubbles
Analytical AND Intuitive, Spiritual, Creative

Great fascination for the SEA, lakes and everything that is blue and has to do with water.

Dipl. Energetic practitioner – Shamanic training(s) & initiation (2012)

Training in spiritual, mediumistic healing work, multidimensional deep memory and much more (since 2012

Dipl. Dance. and movement educator (2014), cert. Dance and movement teacher (2013)

Collaboration in an aid project in Cusco/Peru (2016): Shelter for rejected, raped and pregnant girls aged 12 – 18.


A brief excursion to my analytical side:
Approx. 19 years of professional experience in the IT sector: software analyst, software support, software development: software quality assurance and much more.

If you would like to read more:
As a finely perceptive, versatile person, it is important to me to support other people, who also perceive more than the average and often do not feel so well cared for in conventional society, to be and remain in their power. Allowing yourself to get excited about living a magical, profound life in a healthy, grounded way.

To this end, I like to draw on my experience in the areas of energy work, spirituality, shamanism, consciousness training and many other subject areas and bring in my own life experiences, including the challenges and insights gained from them.

As an author, I share texts and stories that exude healing impulses, inspire healthy self-care, encourage and give you valuable insights.

I am particularly interested in strengthening sensitive, aware and highly empathic people who often feel drained, demotivated or insecure by the energies and moods in their environment:
So that you can see your senses as strength and you are in your energy instead of being drained by your surroundings. And above all, so that you can feel your own true nature again, connect with your higher wisdom and make the right decisions for you.

  • For the realization of ideas, visions, projects and dreams.
  • For a nourishing, healthy and inspiring lifestyle.
  • So that you can find the source of inspiration and energy for everything that is important to you within yourself.
  • For a world in which animals and nature are treated well and respected and people treat each other with respect.


Currently in German: English edition in progress.

Buchcover: Der Zauber in deinem Herzen

The magic in your heart

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Poetry for the senses

I wish you a lantern,
that shines for you as brightly as the stars.
May you dance when it’s dark,
so that your heart does not forget the joy.

Daniela Lasinger
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