Creative session for sensitive, empathic, sensitive people

Pay attention to what gives you energy and spend time with like-minded people

In turbulent times, it is all the more important to connect with people who are good for you and to be in environments that give you strength, recharge your batteries and allow you to calm down – where you simply feel good and can be.

Where you can be who you are with your unique gifts, wishes, dreams, ideas and values. Or simply to be and feel good, to enjoy what is. Especially if you are a sensitive, empathic person who perceives the energies and moods of the environment and other people more intensively and you spend time in many low vibrating, hectic fields. Allow yourself periods of retreat and time with people who can understand your perceptions.

Far too often we spend time in environments that do not suit us at all and in which we (still) have to, are allowed to or even want to move for certain reasons, because it serves a “higher purpose” or helps us to prepare for a new path.

Spending time with like-minded people and in rooms where you feel comfortable is balm for the soul.
Especially if you spend a lot of time in everyday life in areas that do not correspond to your needs and values, that bring you out of balance and make you feel tired and incomplete. Spaces and connections that feel heavy, stressful, demotivating, energy-sapping, confusing or chaotic, or that make you feel out of place. Where you have to exert even more energy to stay energized.

There are good reasons if we cannot or do not want to leave such fields yet. Some things may only be temporary and sort themselves out afterwards, some things worked once and now suddenly no longer do. Some things may never have fitted and were tolerated or chosen from an older “version” of yourself that you have now outgrown.

Find your oasis of light in everyday life

Be it a walk in nature: recharge your batteries in the forest, by the water, whatever gives you strength and helps you clear your head and breathe again.

Books that motivate you, that give you new insights or a few carefree hours and let you recharge your batteries.

Activities that give you pleasure, fulfillment and meaning.

Find time with people you enjoy meeting, who are good for you – where you can be good for each other.

Dancing freely out of your own body feeling, singing, wellness in your own bathroom … whatever is “yours” .

Candlelight and good scents. Meditations.

Time with animals.

Attend inspiring seminars.

Get everything off your chest with a pad and pen.
Write down what makes you feel good and what you are grateful for, what inspires you.
Put your ideas and dreams on paper and think about what the next possible steps could be.

Live out creativity – invite carefree moments
It is often not so easy to make time for this and if it is not planned, it is always put off until later. If you would like to find more time, or any time at all, for creativity, schedule it in regularly. Even if it’s only a few minutes a day.

Time for “crazy things”, outside of serious adult life (without harming others or flouting the law, of course). What did you like to do as a child? What did you dream about as a child and how could you integrate it back into your life more often now as an adult?

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It is also helpful to spend time in a group of like-minded people in an energetically supportive space to pursue your own projects, ideas, writing projects and joyful activities that you would otherwise never find time for. If you feel like it, join us at the next CREATIVE SESSION for sensitive, spiritually interested people, where you will be energetically supported in living out your creative muse. Find out more: CLICK HERE

Kreativ-Session für feinfühlige, empathische, sensitive Menschen
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