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Part 2: How rooms and the people in them affect you

There are places where you feel completely at ease, you like to spend time there. Be it your home, your workplace or places you visit. You meet great people, are motivated and simply feel great. Or it simply feels neutral and is perfectly fine the way it is.

And then there is also the other side

When many people come together in a confined space, everyone brings their emotions, problems, beliefs and ancestral themes with them every day.

On the other hand, the joy, enthusiasm, love and motivation or a relaxed, wholesome attitude and joyful creativity are naturally shared.

All of this interweaves and works together – in the rooms, in the building, in the squares.

  • In this way, places make you feel uplifting, powerful or relaxed, or they inspire you. They bring out the best in you and help you to be yourself.
  • Other places can feel cumbersome, exhausting and tiring. These places can put you in moods that are not even your own – but feel like them.

You can compare it to the accumulation of garbage

Every day you collect garbage, dirt and dust. If you don’t clean and dispose of it, everything will overflow and decompose your rooms over time. It is the same in the energetic sense with all the destructive, demotivating, condemning thoughts and emotions of people.

  • If this accumulation is increased every day – without bringing in other moods and energies – this can have an effect on you – if you are not aware of it. You step into this “mountain of garbage” every day – you take some of it home with you, you absorb it unnoticed.
  • You come home exhausted and don’t always know why. You get angry about things, you are powerless and listless when you are in this place.
  • It may feel as if a stone falls on your head as you enter the building. As soon as you leave the building, you suddenly feel freer again.

Observe how you feel in different rooms.

Automatic self-regulation

Some rooms are more busy, some less or simply only for a short time depending on the situation. Purely “superficial” stresses can be easily harmonized again. It’s exactly the same with your own system.

Rooms clean themselves again as soon as happy vibrations are brought into them

Fun, joy, movement, dancing, making music, singing, a joyful event, pulling together, finding solutions together, motivating people and much more.

Of course, regular ventilation is just as helpful – the supply of fresh oxygen and the removal of old, used energy and stale air.

Carry out regular cleaning & inspection yourself

Some rooms are already so heavily contaminated down to the deepest layers that automatic self-regulation is not possible. Even conventional cleaning methods often do not achieve the desired result.

Heavy soiling can spread throughout the building and affect the entire environment. If this field is never cleansed and realigned, this environment remains constantly destructive.

Then you might wonder why nothing ever works and why something always goes wrong. You may wonder why there is always chaos and why you feel less and less alive and fit as long as you are in this destructive energetic field.

  • What can be changed in the room, how could the furniture be rearranged, what decoration has a positive effect, what has already “expired” and no longer serves you today? Which new seat could you choose?
  • What thoughts and emotions do I associate with this room? Are they helpful, do they belong to me or have I adopted them? What new intentions could I set for myself? What is helpful? What could be the best next steps for me?
  • Physical cleaning = cleaning and mucking out is also helpful.
  • You can incense your rooms with local herbs, frankincense, white sage or copal. You can find the utensils for smoking, including instructions, in health food stores, online stores or natural stores, for example, as well as in stores that stock gemstones and spiritual products.
  • You can cleanse the rooms energetically or ask someone to do it for you if you are not familiar with it.

It is important to clean the rooms not only physically, but also energetically, subtly

This allows the energy to circulate freely and freshly again, as the old deep-seated burdens have been removed and the basis is pure. And even if a little dirt accumulates from time to time (simply because people live in the house), it is much easier to clean afterwards.

This means that “only” the surface needs to be cleaned – just like you wash and brush your teeth regularly.

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