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Part 1: The effect of physical places on you and your experience

Every person is unique, has certain likes and dislikes, life experiences and learning themes as well as different sensory perceptions and what they are prepared to see, hear and feel.
– Where one person feels comfortable, another may feel uncomfortable or simply have a neutral relationship to it.
– What is weakening for one person may be strengthening for another, simply insignificant or not consciously perceptible.

What counts is your feeling – your perception!
You are not wrong just because you may perceive things differently or more than others.
What is it for you, what does it do to you?
Do you feel comfortable or do you have the feeling that there is something you can’t place?

Magical places
Surely you know a particular place that gives you strength or you have heard of special places?
Magical places, breathtaking landscapes or simply small places that radiate a powerful energy. They let you recharge your batteries and gather new strength or simply give you a few relaxed, carefree hours.

They do exist: places where time seems to stand still. In these places where you perceive more and perceive differently than anywhere else. Or simply your own personal retreat, perhaps just a special tree that provides you with fresh life energy and lets you look at things from a different perspective.

A space that exudes lightness and security for you. Together with the good feeling that you will then be able to go back to the daily adventures of your life with new insights, confidence and courage.


Depending on your level of perception, these can be consciously perceived by simply feeling “there’s something there, there’s something in the air”. You may have a tingling sensation on your skin and simply feel uncomfortable without being able to pinpoint it.

  • It is possible that energetic imprints of past situations or deceased persons are still stored in certain places. Events that belong to a time long past and are no longer useful, debilitating or confusing. These can have a conscious or unconscious effect on people, often without being able to establish a direct link to them.
  • You may have already tried a wide variety of solutions to an issue/situation, carried out endless mental techniques and self-optimization measures, but somehow nothing leads to the goal or there is always something left behind. You feel uncomfortable as soon as you are in a certain place. If you go somewhere else, it suddenly seems different, you feel more powerful, healthier and more comfortable in your skin and it suddenly works again.
  • Energy fields/imprints may have become entangled in an “unnatural way” with the vibrational field of this place and the people or other living beings living/working here. Disharmonious fields thus continue to have an effect and become stronger. People and places influence each other. Sometimes people have the opportunity to change a place with their presence, other times it is simply the wrong place for you and it is time to leave this field – even if other people cannot or do not want to perceive it the way you do. Some people need this certain experience, need heavy fields for their own life issues or because it gives them security and stability, as they are not used to it any other way and have always lived with it.

Stored energies and subtle, invisible fields,

  • that do not correspond to your own life plan/soul path and have a debilitating effect on you – but can be helpful for others,
  • Connections and influences from the most diverse levels, times and layers of the earth,
  • or stray imprints of beings and energetic fields (subtle vibrational frequencies, entities, fields generated by people’s emotions and thoughts that have condensed, …), people and events that were once in this place a long time ago and the remnants of the energies left behind,

can be causes/triggers that unconsciously control your own life and make you choose certain behavioral patterns, debilitating circumstances or life concepts that are foreign to you.

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